Introducing The PORT Technology.
The Transit Management System.


The PORT Technology Personal Transit Management helps provide your tenants with a new and enhanced service experience - and communication is the key. That's why we designed the totally new component called the PORT.

Perfection is quite a challenge in a modern facility where each trip may involve taking one or more means of vertical transport, obtaining access to secure areas, navigating to unfamiliar offices and so on – all the while just wanting to be at your destination and get on with the job at hand.

With The PORT Technology by Schindler, the Personal Transit Management system, the travelers’ only requirement is to simply communicate their identity and required destination at a PORT Terminal. The PORT Technology takes care of the rest by planning and executing a seamless journey using an optimal route designed to take the shortest possible time to complete. To achieve this, Schindler has developed unique ways of communicating with building occupants, which take the human interface to an entirely new level.

The PORT Technology can even anticipate needs before they are communicated, the ultimate skill of the experienced personal assistant. And ultimately, that’s the key to the service that the PORT Technology provides. During day-to-day business and even during emergencies, the PORT Technology is there to make the complex business of moving from one location to another in a modern building hassle-free for the individual and – in doing so – extremely efficient for everyone.

The PORT Technology Personal Transit Management system has the potential to remove many of the existing constraints on interior layouts, thereby allowing architects greater creative freedom when designing the next generation of buildings. Buildings of the future, with the help of The PORT Technology, will provide the truly differentiated service level

essential to successfully attracting tenants in today’s highly competitive commercial real estate market. Buildings that will be living proof of the fact that the exceptional building environment you and your tenants have always wanted is now attainable.



The reason PORT was created.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Transit Management will fundamentally transform the urban environment to meet the challenges of the future.